| audio | video | distribution | web | empowering today's independent artist [ Alistar Records | Voodoo Lounge ] As a full-service entertainment production partnership, Alistar Entertainment has a mission to deliver the best independent music to the public. We carefully hand-pick artists we can stand behind, and offer complete solutions from artist development to digital distribution. Full-Service Recording Studio Video, Sessions, and More Complete Mixing and Mastering Full Digital Distribution Label Alistar Entertainment Group carefully selects our artists. Alternative Rock featuring members of Swampbox, A La Deriva, Robert Hazard, and Faith or Fear. Progressive Rock from Puerto Rican natives, using music and friendship to shed light on social issues. Chart-topping cross-genre musical style that has drawn attention from radio personalities and fans across the globe. If you are an industry professional looking to learn more about any of our artists, or if you're an independent artist looking for a recording studio, mixing or mastering services, song videos, artist development, or album/single distribution, you can contact us directly at info@alistarent.com. Our artist team will contact you shortly.